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Why are there streaks on my roof?

Streaks or Discoloration on Roof

Approximately five years after installation roofs can begin to show signs of dark streaks. The dark streaks usually appear on the north-facing slope of the roof and are mistaken for dirt or granule loss. These streaks are commonly caused by algae growth that is prominent in areas of the roof that receive less sunlight.


Why does one side of my roof wear faster?

The southern slope of a roof will typically wear faster than the other roof slopes as it receives the most sun exposure. Over the life of a roof system UV rays will slowly break down the roofing material.

Can a new roof be installed over old shingles?

You should never install new shingles over the old shingle roof system.

Your roof system will not be eligible for a warranty if you do not remove the existing shingle roof system before installing the new system. Installing over the old shingles can also cause unusual shapes to form in your new roof system and the roof system will not look smooth and level.

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